Nadia Merrad

Woman's hands portraits


I was born in Algeria. It’s a country I discovered through women.
I wanted to talk about them through portraits of “hands in motion”, moments or places that they rub shoulders with. The hands are alive and invite us to expand our imagination in order to project.
Through these «portraits of hands», I was able to penetrate their intimacy while respecting their desire for modesty.
All these women who want to learn, give, emancipate, transmit...
They envy my life in France, but they only saw the façade. I remind them of their good fortune: to have been able to go to graduate school, something their mothers did not have… and I myself grew up in this beloved adopted country.
Some even enjoyed greater freedom than I came to France in the 1980s!
These photos are from 2009 and 2011. I would like to expand on this work.