Nadia Merrad

About me

I was born in Algeria, arrived in France at the age of 6 (1980). I have been challenged by my social background. I grew up with six siblings. I felt different and had trouble finding my place.
The camera helped me to fight my shyness. This medium structures my intellectual life.
Photography accompanies me on my life journey. It gives me the floor. The very one I lend to vulnerable people. I use it to talk about some subjects that are close to my heart. I use it to talk about “old people” or women (Algerians).
For the former, I do it through objects, their own. They project us into an imaginary. For seconds by portraits of hands. This allows me to show intimacy while respecting their desire for modesty. They have poetry and gentleness in them. Although I speak of the fragility of the human…
I walk slowly. I like to glean images as I walk. A silhouette in the morning light turns into a portrait. And then into a story, which is told, like life...
Two photographer authors, Jean-Charles Gros and Richard Petit, accompany me and advise me.